Ultrasonic Iontophoresis Facial

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Iontophoresis Face Cleaner is made with high-quality adopts positive and negative ion technology, to meet your different needs, make your skin keep young, bright, and healthy. You can humbly massage your face to convert the moisture into an ionic state and then moisturize the skin cells. Face Cleaner is very suitable for improving blood circulation and metabolism, also suitable for the perfect face.

Ultrasonic Iontophoresis Facial can help minimize the appearance of skin conditions such as sunspots, broken capillaries, and also improve signs of preys. It provides you with a safe and reliable method to change the pigmentation of facial skin, skin elasticity, and profound wrinkle removal. Facial Care Tools have a large contact area, better conductivity, lightweight, portable high-quality stainless steel surface, suitable for all kinds of skin ergonomic design.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 17.7*36*6.6cm
  • Color: White

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