Mini Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

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Electric Eyebrow Trimmer is made of anti-allergic material, the trimmers don't cause redness, pestering, and cuts on your skin.  Eyebrow Trimmer built-in lithium battery can be charged using a USB cable. This Eyebrow Hair Remover is powered by a USB cable for long-time sustain use, The perfect brow shape can be completed in a short time, easy to use, and saving a lot of time for makeup.  

The Eyebrow Trimmer head is to be used on the top and bottom of brows and in between eyebrows to immediately and painlessly erase unwanted and stray eyebrow hair, target even the smallest areas to maintain. Those perfect eyebrows, without pain from waxing and waste, can use them in a dimly lit environment, also clearly confirming whether the eyebrow hair is completely cleared.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 17*2.5cm
  • Features: Portable Painless Epilator

  • Tags: Lipstick Eyebrow Trimmer, Electric Eyebrow Trimmer, Eyebrow Trimmer, Eyebrow Hair Remover,  Hair Eyebrow Trimmer

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