Platinum Pieces Gold Cong Nail

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Our Platinum Pieces Gold Cong Nail is made of good quality material. It has a nice shape with beautiful cutting facets and is good for delicate nail art. gold foil gold nail comes with 12 grids stored with different decorations and hearts also rings and starts, snowflakes, shells and chains etc. The patterns are good for decoration and add sparkle to nail art. This Gold Foil Gold Nail has 2 styles and you can choose the one you like. Our gold nail fabulous effect of the nail decoration will make your nail art more attractive and elegant. Mini decorations and easily apply on either nails or other objects. You also can beautify your cell phone, book, player case, card, glass and other DIY. Specifications: Quantity: 12 grids / box Weight: 5g Size: Box Diameter Approx. 6cm Tags: 12 grid/fashion nail, jewelry nail, gold foil gold nail, platinum pieces nail, rhinestones nail

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